Saturday, June 16, 2012

the stuff of summer...

It's summer!!! That means no school, and vacation, and spending the days with Kole.  It's been the best!  So here are some things that have been happening lately.  

Homemade granola bars.

 Baked some apple pies for our church garage sale.

 Went to Florida with the girls!

Baby bump in a polka dot swimsuit.

 Went to Alabama for Marshall Family Vacation!
Check out more of our family pics here

 Kole and Mercy going for a ride to DQ.  Baby love.

 Kole has learned how to say "hot" and he blows on my coffee every morning to cool it off for me.

 "More!!!" He has mastered this sign!  I'm proud.

 Achy preggo legs, hot, I know.

 Big Al's pizza!

 Doing some crafts to get ready for our baby girl!

 Tried out the glitter nail...

 We took Kole to Festival Park to play in the fountains. 
 He LOVED it!!!

And these happened today.  Peanut butter BACON cookies.  
Yup, pretty much awesome.

 And this girl is getting married in TWO WEEKS!!  
It's been so fun getting stuff ready and crafting it up with her.  
So I'm sure these next two weeks will fly by, and I'm excited to have some fun posts all about her big day!