Monday, April 4, 2011

Nesting, Waiting, Laughing....

My house is probably as clean as it's ever been. 
Dishes- done
Floors-  vacuumed, once by me and once by Jason (both on the same day, don't ask me why)
Toilet- scrubbed and bathroom cleaned
Meals- cooked and in the freezer ready to go along with batches and batches of four different types of cookies (thanks mom!)

Everything is organized and in its place and ready to go!  There's just one thing missing...........

Jason and I both agreed that we wanted to give this baby all the time we could to let him come on his own.  And that's what we're doing, but it's hard to wait!  My midwife is giving us until Wednesday morning.......officially two weeks late!  We'll see......we are really praying he will come before then, but if not we'll be ready to get things started.

In the meantime, I thought today would be a good day to share some things of a more lighthearted nature.  We're trying to keep things positive and upbeat around here! 

During my junior year of college there was a brief time when I used the picture below as my facebook profile picture.  It’s just a ridiculous photo and for some reason I felt the facebook world needed to be subjected to it.  I received many comments on this picture, including one from my friend Jason Marshall.


I think this is just too funny!


  1. LMBO, who knew Jason was prophetic!!! Love it!!!

  2. hurray for blogging! definitely ironic with jason's comment, haha!!! looking forward to future posts :)

  3. really brings things full circle, doesn't it! Ha! Praying for you and baby as he finally makes his way into the world.