Sunday, September 25, 2011

A sad day in pumpkin land

This morning I did a major screw-up.  Ugh, I hate when that happens.  I woke up early to bake bread for church.  We were having a basement breakfast service and I needed to bring something.  Since it's fall and the perfect time for pumpkin bread, I decided to make some up.  And not just any kind of pumpkin bread.....pumpkin spice latte bread.  Or to be more honest just regular pumpkin bread with coffee in it, but that fancy name just makes it sound so much better.  Are you getting excited?  I sure was!

So I'm doing my thing and baking and it's looking good and smelling great in the oven.  The cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top was glistening as I took the bread out of the oven.  Perfectness.....except the bread was kind of flat.  It was a first time recipe, so I didn't think too much of it.  Then as I cut into it, the bread was all rubbery and weird looking.  Duh duh duh.....I forgot to add the baking soda and baking powder.  It was awful.  All that yummy pumpkin wasted.

Now usually I will eat anything.  Weird stuff doesn't bug me too much.  And I never, ever (unless my husband makes me) throw food away.  But this bread was so sick I did the deed.  A couple bites and right in the trash it went.  Sad day.

Oh well, it happens.  In other news it was a pretty great weekend.  We slept in.  A lot.  Jason made me breakfast in bed.  How sweet is he?  

  I went to a honey tasting party.  It was sweet!  I even won a prize basket because I got the most right in a honey myth/fact quiz.  I'm just a great guesser.

I graded lots of papers this weekend.  Kole just chilled with me while I graded.   Actually Jason watched him a lot too.  He just informed me of that.  But it's true.

  Then on Saturday night Jason and I had a nice dinner at home.  I just wish the weekends could be longer.  Back to the grind tomorrow.

Okay so these are the muffins I made and brought to church.  Don't worry they were a bag mix where you just add water.  I'm not above it.  I will not give up on my pumpkin kick........more to come soon!

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