Monday, April 30, 2012

April Recap

Today is the last day of April.  Holy smokes!  A lot happened this month.  Here's a photo recap.

We started out the month by celebrating Kole's first birthday.  

Just look at this little guy.  Gosh.

Ok, I'm the mom, there is nothing I can say that won't make me sound biased 
and cheesy, so just agree with me about all the things you know I am thinking!

I can't believe this kid is one! 

The Masters were going on over Kole's birthday weekend, so of course we had to have 
a cake that would fit such an occasion.  Pop Marshall really delivered on this one!

He looks so this really ok mom?  

Family #2 showing up here!

Kole had a marvelous time playing with the tissue paper. 

Easter Sunday was the next day.  We had an awesome weekend 
in St. Louis with the Marshall family.  

Kole kept us entertained by making some strange yet awfully cute faces.

He has this thing going on with his lips...not quite sure what he's 
thinking but I love it!

Then my little sister Kasey graduated.  She is just so special.
I think this picture tells it all!

We were happy to celebrate with her.

And that about wraps up April.  I'm so looking forward to May and the end of school.  Only three (ish) weeks left.  We will also find out soon if #2 is a boy or girl!  Kasey has two wedding showers coming up and there is a trip to Florida to be had!  Much, much fun ahead!!  

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  1. Loved this post. Had a huge smile on my face when I saw the last picture with everybody in it. Love you all so much!!