Friday, July 27, 2012

Ben Shanika and Judah

My brother and sister-in-law Ben and Shanika were due with their sweet baby Judah this August. Yesterday we got the sad news that the doctors couldn't find a heartbeat. Here's an update from my father-in-law about what's happening now. Please keep our family in your prayers!

 I need to just say how proud I am right now of my son and daughter-in-law.  The doctors expect that our grandson will be stillborn sometime tomorrow. At a time when their world is crashing in, they are unshaken.  Their feet are firmly planted on the Rock, their Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  While gales blow around them, and lesser foundations crumble, they are standing firm.  Their countenances reflect a peace and hope that would be unfathomable to many.  They are surrounded by like-minded people who are reflecting back to them the strength, courage, and encouragement that Ben and Shanika have given to them in the past.  The result is a body truly working the way a body should.  We live in a broken world, but the relationships that have been established in this church family are mending the tears and even now fostering the healing that must happen.

 We are sitting in the hospital hallway.  Babies are being born in rooms all around us.   They are being rolled past in a constant parade.  Each one brings a genuine smile to my son’s face.  He is truly joyful at the blessings received by others, because that’s who he is.  I also believe that he understands the beatitude, “Blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted.” (emphasis mine)  He is experiencing communion with his Father, who knows the pain of losing his only son.  He is trusting in a larger purpose and a greater love than he can imagine, even as he cares for his wife with a gentle touch and a strong heart, and reconciles the expectations he had for his son with those that God had purposed.

We do not place any limits on God.  He who called Lazurus from the dead, and raised the Centurion’s daughter still lives and rules.  Our prayer is for God to take this cup from us, but not our will, but His be done.  Thank you to all who are praying.  We believe that God hears and answers with infinite mercy and wisdom.  Continue to uphold Shanika, Ben and Judah James, that all them, through the lives God has ordained, will bring glory and honor to him, and light to a dark world.

Trusting in Him,
 Harley and Beth


  1. Praying for your family! So sorry to hear this! Praying for strength!

  2. Thank you for sharing such profound and soul-stirring truth and testimony. Our God be praised for faith that cannot be shaken. May the peace that passes understanding be yours.

  3. May the Blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ abound at a time when others can't seem to see or feel them. Praying they receive His unshakable touch & tangible love. God bless & keep all of you.
    Until HE shouts
    Celeste Hill