Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Baby #2 is late... So here is what we have done in the meantime!
I pushed a button when the baby moved.
We did our decorating duties for Sonja's side of the room.
We were continually entertained by this little man.
He loves the slide and does better without dad but was nice enough to let him join one time.
We took many strolls around the neighborhood.
We went to the fair where we met this guy...
Kole was thrilled to meet him and couldn't contain his excitement.
He even was able to pet this guy.
He loved eating his sweet corn.
We even walked up the giant hill for a Sunday morning coffee date.
We were invited by some friends to a Brewer game so we made the trip out to Miller Park, turned out to be a very late night but worth it!

Oh and I let my husband buzz my head!

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  1. In the pic with him and Kase, i see jas in his face soo much. First time i think that i've thought they look alike :P