Friday, July 29, 2011

Our wonderful real first date (since becoming parents!)

We got all fancied up and went out for dinner at Cooper's Hawk.  So good, I'm still having dreams about that food.  And don't even get me started about the wine.   

We spent the next day in Crystal Lake.

We decided to paint pottery.  Here are my colors.

Since I'm not artistically talented, I had to use masking tape and just do basic solid colors.

Jason is an artist.  He can totally free hand stuff like this.

Jason's colors...yellow and grey...inspired by our future kitchen chairs (we hope).

When the paint dries it gets all chalky.

Just painting.

Lots of people where staring at us through the window, so I stared back.  It's probably because we're so good looking. :)

The bottom of my plate.  It was Jason's idea to do this reddish color to contrast the front.  Something about complimentary colors.  Okay, yes I really do understand complimentary colors. 

Our plates.  They will turn out much brighter once they are fired. 

We ate lunch at Benedict's.  Here's my corn frittata with Brie cheese and black bean avocado salsa.  Yum!

Our TOMS!  We LOVE them!!

Here's me eating ice cream.  Tiramisu ice cream.  Yes please. 

Jason's sherbet swirl ice cream cone.  Ask him what happened to it once we got in the car.  Okay, I'll tell you.  He drove over the curb and the sherbet fell completely off the cone and onto his lap!  Ha ha!  Good times.  Before this happened I even asked him if he wanted to finish our ice cream first so he could drive easier.  He said no. 

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  1. I LOVE both kinds of toms! They compliment each other well : )