Monday, August 15, 2011

Marshall Family Staycation

We loved being in St. Louis with the family.  Here's evidence of our amazing trip.  Comments by Jason, as if you couldn't tell.  Enjoy!   

my cheek hurts

Alex was taking a picture of me and I was taking a picture of him! haha funny stuff...

You really think I can't fit my whole hand in my mouth....

they bring the "s" in Marshall's, because of their "s"tyle. Brought to you by the letter "s".

"better together, better forever"... more like "better together, better leave soon" Oooh burn

this is just a picture

Dad: Wait when did we go to QT? Sarah: pictures of my feet are the best, especially with my chacos on. Mom: ahh family... Julia: hey, the sky totally looks brown with these sunglasses on!  Sam: I seem to notice a picture is being taken, and it is aimed in my direction, I should stare it down. JeanaLe: sleeping while standing is not as easy as I was hoping... Ben: I am totally rocking this outfit.

oh the power I have in this family...


the form

good job Julia, you do look like a duck!

Sam: such a nice day out according to my weather app. Shanika: Yes that is what mine is saying also!

I am carrying Kole

I pose for pictures

I wear sunglasses

Kole and Sam

We went to see this show at the Muny, it promotes lying and killing for money.

I am giving a thumbs up to my QT cup

You still think I can't fit my whole hand in my mouth... ha

he thought for sure he was going to see how the rock was creating the cloud...oh silly Ben

she does not accomplish what she is trying to make you believe she did.

it's a rock

Sarah climbs the rocks for adventure

Julia explains how the rocks were poorly painted by the natives and that they should have used a different paint that would not deteriorate so quickly

Julia kicked Sarah out of pure anger

FYI... we match the wall

there was no orange leaf to be found.


  1. bahaha. I was laughing so my myself.

  2. and thats why I like you julia...