Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things from this no particular order

We went with Kasey and Matt to take some engagement pictures.

I found this random drawing on one of my student's papers.  Hilarious.

This would be a flour less chocolate cake.  So so so good.  I don't know why I ever used flour. 

This is my new mixer.  It's yellow.  I'm in love.  

I broke a pie crust.  But you can bet I didn't throw it away.  I had left over pie filling and enjoyed  dipping broken up pieces into the filling.  Yum!

So yeah, one of my students flipped off the entire class!  Then he gave me this letter the next day.  I was somewhat confused by parts of we never had any issues with the computer or the park (random....), anyways it always makes me laugh!
This is what Kole does every time we go out to eat.  We get a good dinner, he eats the table.   Intelligent son I have.

One morning in Wisconsin Matt made me an egg in a frame.  What a gent!

We came outside one night to find this guy right next to our house.  He stood there for about 15 minutes before wandering away.  And to think of those hunters who sit in their tree stands all day....

I went out with Amy and Leslie.  Such a fun time and it also came with pumpkin cheese cake.  

This praying mantis was hanging out on the outside of our church wall.  What a holy insect, he came to church to pray.  And right now we are studying insects so I had to take a picture to show my students because that's just what good teachers do.  

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