Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some of December

Kole's first Christmas!  This is from a nativity set he got.  I thought this was a super cute baby Jesus.

Kole is becoming a master eater...I'm proud

We had a cookie exchange at work.  This was my contribution

This kid loves walking all over the place.

Our mini tree is high up on a table for its own protection...otherwise I'm pretty sure all the ornaments and lights would be ripped off by now.

This is my Christmas gift to Jason.  There's a heart on the cities where we lived and now live.  

I had fun painting some bows on Christmas presents.

The annual card wall.  It has grown since this picture.

My grandma made all of us cousins one of these NOEL decorations.  It's my favorite and Kole loves to touch it too.

Baking day

Spritz cookies

Creme de menthe squares

Toffee squares

more bars


Jason and I got to go on a date in Lake Geneva.  This ts the ceiling of the restaurant where we ate.

My handsome husband

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  1. O my goodness! I love the map picture frames you did! What cool decor for your place! :) I actually saw this idea the other day and was thinking about it, but I wish my hubby was from a different state than where we are living now too so that it would look sweet! :) O well...

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies